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“Let Your Power Roar”-Here are 6 rules to improve your executive presence

What is executive presence? The word has been associated with leadership over the past several years. Some attributes that triggers executive presence are Catalyzing others actions. Command attention. Project professionalistic aura. Some people possess the aura naturally, but that doesn’t mean others cannot. Following these rules one can improve, whatever

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Revealed – The Secret Weapon to Presenting Like a Pro

Presentations are like a  writer’s book, an artist’s sketch, a speaker’s mike.Your presentation takes your creation to its destination.Presentation must be considered as your louder voice, that is powerful and can reach millions.Presentation is the presenters guide. Unfortunately presenters have very little access to content, it is limited to the

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7 Sure-fire ways to break the pre-presentation anxiety cycle

Performing in front of the group is the worst nightmare for many even after being well prepared. But the famous Harvard professor Alison Wood Brook’s said that the pre-presentation jitters can be channeled as positive energy, through his book’s, “Reappraising Pre-performance Anxiety as Excitement”. Anxiety is normal as long as

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